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*Live out your fantasies in beautiful Thailand*

"Adventure, romance and intimacy...what more could anyone want"


Due to the global pandemic we are offering up to a 40% discount on our VIP packages.
 Pay a small security deposit now and set your own dates when the crisis has ended. A minimum 5 day notice of arrival is required.

For the safety and health of our guests we have assigned our girls and staff to be regularly tested for any and all health issues.
"Private Jet Service is always available"  

      Global Fantasies is a premium erotic vacation provider in Thailand. having served the adult industry for 28 years. We cater to guests desiring the very best in lodging, services, locations and exotic women. Thailand vacations are designed and priced to meet your expectations and budget. Our VIP packages are all inclusive of everything except international airfares. Thailand is one of our very best locations, so if you seriously desire to enjoy your life, please don't hesitate to take advantage of our current discounts by booking now and enjoying an open itinerary for scheduling your arrival. Become Global Gold Club Member and save even more on a vacation of a lifetime. We provide adult sex vacations around the globe.

In Thailand we provide a varied assortment of private pool villas, 4 and 5 star hotels and laid back party resorts where every day and night is exciting. Endless tours and excursions, personal cars and drivers, unlimited drinks, great dining choices and a non stop festival of sexy ladies. Definitely the good things in life so what are you waiting only live once!

Escape your reality in our Bangkok 4 & 5 star luxury hotels or in our south Thailand all inclusive beach resorts
and do it in style!

Where ever & whenever you decide to take your Thailand vacation...we have you covered.

"Visit our Global locations"

We cater to single gentlemen, single ladies, couples, and groups!

Age, physical handicaps or special needs of guests are never an issue.

*We also offer gay & lesbian packages with or without companions*


Island packages are also available!

Pattaya  Phuket Bangkok

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Membership Details

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In protecting the integrity of our business & our guests, fares & specifics will be promptly emailed.

General Information

In our Premium and VIP packages we take care of everything from the moment you arrive to when you depart. This includes airport transportation, expedited immigration services, personal cars and drivers,  4 and 5 star hotels, all inclusive party resorts, private pool villas and condos, local tours, unlimited excursions and activities, as well as nights out on the town. Our VIP packages include security, fine dining and drinks (including liquors, beers and wine, etc.) And of course numerous fine ladies of your choice each day and night. Your selected girl/s stay with you and will accompany you for dining, dancing and all activities. You may change girls daily. Cultural and jungle tours, as well as wildlife viewing, elephant trekking and water excursions, where applicable, such as boating, sailing/jet skiing, fishing and diving can be scheduled on location. There are no hidden fees and tipping is not requested. The Premium and VIP packages are all inclusive. Straight and bi sexual ladies and models for your selection. Male and ladyboys are available on request.

Guests may film and photograph their companions.

We have doubled our number of global ladies, added new multi lingual staff and more excursions!


*Now is the time to relax and enjoy your life, so book any VIP vacation with a deposit and save up to 40% and receive another discount on additional ladies and optional excursions. Others discount are provided for members, stays of 8 or more days and for groups of 3 or more persons. For stays of 10+ days we will also provide an additional bi sexual companion for a 24 hour period entirely for free. We do not require your exact dates when making a deposit. Once received you will have an open itinerary and may use your paid funds for any of our global services.*

The longer you stay...the lower the daily fares.

"Please keep in mind that spending time with beautiful women is not inexpensive"

We offer ladies and models in every major global city. Tell us where and when and we deliver!

Our adult services require a services!

New packages and options save you more $$$


"We offer our VIP guests much more than luxury accommodations and catering companions"

VIP Services  All local  flights and transportation  Fine Dining 

Unlimited beverages Nightlife  Paradise Tours

Personal Tour Guides  Jet and Water Skiing  Fishing  Scuba  Snorkeling  Kayaking 
White Water Rafting  Phuket Cruise  Island Cruises to Coral Island  Rang Yai Island
Phi Phi Dom Island Phang Nga Bay  ATV Safaris  Jungle Safaris  Elephant Trekking
Horse Riding  Powerboat & Speedboat Charters Sailboat & Party Yachts  Helicopter Tours 
Phuket & Patong Town Tours  Fantasy Night-life
Ancient Temple Tours and much more!

"While endless activities are you spend your time is always your choice"

*Girls...18 to 26, straight or bi...we have them all, including models, super models and 18 year old their first*

Models and even super models are also available.

For details and fares, please fill out and submit the form by clicking on the link below.

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In protecting the integrity of our business & our guests, fares & specifics will be promptly emailed upon request.

Newest Thai Models

General Information;

In our VIP packages we provide a 1st class vacation throughout Thailand with luxurious hotels,  beach resort suites and private pool villas, fine dining, unlimited beverages of choice, a personal guide, car and driver and the world's most stunning women. Everything, except international airfares, are included in our VIP fares and tipping is not required. Guests may photograph and film their companions.

We can also cater to disabled or those with special needs and restrictive dieting requirements.
Age is not an issue, but guests must be at least 18 years of age.

View our 16 global locations.

We accommodate singles, male or females, couples and groups of up to 30 persons for special occasions, such as bachelor and business parties, etc.

Our services are private and our girls are stunning, festive, carry current health cards and are very sexually catering.

Whatever your budget or desires we will do our best to design and price a vacation that's just right for you.

"Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Paradise and Phi Phi Dom Island Thailand Erotic Luxury Getaways

Global Fantasy Members...
save money while enjoying the finest in VIP treatment and receive first choice of companions each day/night in any of our locations. Become a member today and secure our discounted fares & upgrades and receive a completely open itinerary for scheduling your arrival to any of our global vacation locations! Members also receive huge discounts on all available excursions & so much more! Membership is beneficial, but never required!

Our Gold Club Travel Membership provides VIP discounts for all global vacations, erotic or non. It also provides 1st selection of companions.

Bonus; Members may bring up to 2 additional friends for the same low membership fare, per person!

Membership is $1,000 USD a year and $2,500 USD for a full 3 years. While beneficial, membership is not required.

*We also offer a lifetime High Roller Membership with extraordinary benefits*

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Sending a 'Wish you were Here' post card to your friends will have a whole new meaning, while being totally relieved that for once it is not you rolling into work on this beautiful Thailand morning.

Global Fantasies... where men and women can fulfill their desires and where laying on the beach takes on an entirely new meaning. So what are you waiting for?

*We do not need your exact dates when booking or becoming a Member*

Inquiry Form

Membership Details
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"Fares are based on level of desired luxury, so please be specific when making an inquiry"

In protecting the integrity of our business & our guests, fares & specifics will be promptly emailed.

Whatever your budget or desires we will do our best to design and price a vacation that's just right for you.

Our Thailand accommodations; From simple 3 star hotels to 5 star luxury hotels and private condos in Bangkok or our luxurious resorts and private villas situated on the South Tropical Beach areas of Phuket, Patong & Pattaya We also offer vacations on several island retreats. Upon arrival our Bangkok staff will greet you at the airport and drive you to your selected lodging where you will meet a stunning variety of ladies meeting your criteria. For guests continuing on to S. Thailand they will fly with you to Phuket and for those booking Pattaya they will drive you there from Bangkok. Phuket has an international airport and receives several daily flights from Bangkok and Singapore, as well as from other international cities. Where ever and whenever you arrive...our drivers will be waiting to expedite you though customs.


Our special VIP discounted packages are limited, so don't hesitate to secure it with a deposit or membership, regardless of your intended dates. Once booked and paid you will have a completely open itinerary!

VIP fares reflect the high quality of our accommodations, unlimited activities, professional services and our beautiful women.

We provide the world's most beautiful ladies, FM models, starlet's, nurses, teachers and a wide variety of local and global women. Our companions are more than beautiful...they are stylish, educated, sensuous and all carry current health certificates.

Thailand super models are always available and other models can be flown in from around the globe!

 Bachelor and business parties, group of 3 or more persons and stays over 8 days are further discounted.

Packages may be combined to suit your requirements and budget.

Our Platinum VIP packages include tours throughout Thailand with a personal car and driver. Companions are included in all of our packages.

 Option 1; Our Platinum package includes 2 top models, 5 star accommodations in a hotel, beach resort or private pool villa with all staff, chef, security, private drivers, fine dining with imported liquors and beverages of your choice. This is is is a VIP luxury all inclusive package. There are no additional fees and tipping is not requested or required. All local flights and excursions are included, such as, island tours, deep sea fishing and diving on a fully staffed yacht, playing golf on any of S. Thailand's premiere courses with a personal caddy and much more.
 Option 2; Our Platinum package with one top model includes everything above. Additional bi sexual model companions are always available. Stays over 7 days and for 2 men sharing a pool villa are further discounted. Tours and local excursions are included. Without excursions and alcohol the fare is reduced accordingly. Fares are per day, per person unless otherwise noted.

Option 3; Luxury VIP all inclusive package. Include a Bangkok 5 star city center luxury hotel, or S. Thailand 5 star beach resort or private luxury pool villa with all dining and fine imported beverages, as well as tours and nightlife excursions with a personal car and driver. Guests will receive daily/nightly companions of choice. Our ladies play well together so add even more for ultimate pleasures.

Option 4; Luxury VIP 5 star beach resort package. Guests booking our VIP luxury S. Thailand 5 star luxury beach resort receive an all inclusive package with 1 model companion of choice each day and night. Guests may change companions daily. Everything, except international airfares are included, companions, luxury suites, all dining and beverages in any of the resorts fine restaurants, open bars, massages, gym, saunas and pools, etc. Excursions are also included, such as jungle and temple tours, elephant trekking, a high speed catamaran day tour of some of the world's most stunning islands, such as Phi Phi Dom and James Bond Island for lunch and drinks, snorkeling, diving and deep sea fishing, etc. Additional bi sexual ladies are always available.

VIP fares include local flights and transportation in Thailand.

Option 5; VIP luxury pool villa package. We have several private VIP luxury pool villas in Pattaya, Phuket and Patong available and fares are greatly discounted for groups of 3 or more persons. Price includes all of the above, as well as pool staff, security, a maid and chef, personal driver and companion of choice per person. Villas are fully stocked of guest's requested dining and beverages, etc. Golf and all excursions are also included. Additional 24 hour bi sexual companions are always available for extra fees. Weekly rates and fares for groups are discounted for the all inclusive villa package with a 24 hour a day companion per guest. Rates without dining and beverages are discounted. Fares do include all local flights.

Option 6; Our inclusive standard package includes airport greeting, a 4 star hotel, local in-house dining and beverages and your choice of a 24 hour a day Thai girl. Guests may keep or change the girl/s daily.

Option 7; Our non inclusive standard package includes a 4 star hotel suite with 1 companion each day and night either in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket S. Thailand. Breakfast is included in the hotel, as well as a personal staff member to bring you new girls each day. No other services are included. Weekly rates for groups of more than 3 persons and extended stays are further discounted. Tours and excursions not included in your selected package can be booked on location.

Our non inclusive standard packages does not include any dining, beverages or tours, but does include your hotel, companion and a staff member to be your personal concierge.

Companion only fares do not include lodging, dining, drinks or tours. All guests will receive an assigned agent.

Male and bi sexual companions are available for you ladies. Companions may be changed daily in all our packages.

*We also offer model and super model companion packages for our VIP guests*

Virgin Options; Acclaimed Virgin girls are available for additional fees. If selected the fees will be added to your package total. These ladies are a minimum of 18 years of age and are not coerced or encouraged. They simply desire to explore the art of sensuality with foreign men.

*In all of our locations we can also arrange for you to meet many stunning ladies looking for long term relations and even marriage. Our global attorneys can help obtain Visas for your selected lady*

Fares are based on level of luxury requested, so please be specific when making an inquiry.

Please email or call us with additional questions and/or for bookings.

We have over 200 stunning straight and bi sexual ladies, as well as models and several super models throughout Thailand. We also have 60+ catering male companions for you ladies. Guests may choose your companions from our site or upon arrival. Most of our girls are non professional. Many are models, actresses, teachers, nurses and from various other occupations. All guests have daily options of retaining or changing their companions. Eroticism and sensual pleasures are assured. Please note that we do not hire transsexuals or other such gender abnormalities. All of our ladies are 100% female. We have a varied nationality of ladies from across Asia and the world and they all carry current health certificates.

*Girls...18 to 30...straight or bi...we have them all...including models and virgins*

We also offer numerous male companions of all ages and body types for you female guests.

*In addition we offer gay & lesbian packages with or without companions*

When filling out the questionnaire form please be specific with your requests.

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Global Fantasies caters to guests desiring and expecting the very best in locations, amenities, services and companions. Privacy, discretion and security are always assured!

We provide adult services in 16 global locations and have been in business for decades. We are the world's premiere adult vacation service provider. Our parent company is one of the world's leading tourism companies and was originally founded in 1941.

Details, fares and payment information will be emailed upon receiving your completed inquiry form.

Payment details;
In prevention of credit card fraud and in protecting our clients integrity we do not accept credit/debit cards or checks. A deposit secures the fares and open itinerary. Deposit amounts may vary depending on selected package, length of stay and number of guests. All payments are with a bank to bank wire transfer. Your bank will issue a receipt and we will acknowledge the payment usually within 48 hours. You may use your paid funds for any of our services with no time limits. We do not share or release your personal details to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Our services are
discreet, private  and secure.

To view additional photos of our global ladies visit; Global Fantasy Girls.
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"Click here to visit all of our global locations."

If you need immediate assistance please call one of the below numbers. If no answer, please leave a detailed message and we will call you back ASAP! Because of varying time zones we do prefer that you email us with questions and for bookings.

Want to getaway us!

USA +1-903-539-4328 (24/7)
Hong Kong +852-8197-7227
Sydney AU.
+61-(02) 8003-3566
London England +44-208-123-8018

Email us at;  (please be specific with your questions)
If the email link does not work, simply copy and paste the address into your e-mail's
"send to window"

Phones and email are normally answered 24 hours/7 days a week.


Visit; Global Fantasy Girls

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