Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Adult Vacations
by Global Fantasy

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Adult Sex Vacations

Book your luxury hotel or private luxury condo and gorgeous companions during the winter,
as there is no better time to enjoy the sensuality of Rio.

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Global Fantasies provides our guests an unforgettable erotic vacation in the beautiful and enchanting south coast city of Rio de Janeiro in one of the world’s most sexually festive countries, Brazil. Our multi language staff and ladies will provide the ultimate erotic vacation where you can bask in the tropical sun of the world renowned Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, enjoy the company of exotic women, shop for some of the globes best bargains, explore tours into the rain forest and do it all in style and luxury. Our vacation services are available for gents, ladies and couples. We also cater to groups, tours, business excursions, bachelor parties and all other special events when beautiful ladies are desired. Our young ladies will not only be your sex goddesses they will be your personal tour guides, translators, dance and dining partners and girl friends.

Picture yourself in the ultimate tropical paradise. Warm tropical winds, excursions into one of the world's most scenic cities. Enjoy stylish luxury accommodations in the party city of endless nightlife, year round festivals, a personal guide, car & driver and enjoy it all with beautiful women catering to your every whim. What more could anyone ask in life. You work hard…now play hard…you deserve it and the worlds leading provider of erotic vacations, Global Fantasies will make sure you enjoy it!

Are you ready to begin enjoying your life?

Upon arrival at our international airport our limo and personal driver will meet you and drive you to your selected beach condo or luxury hotel suite where you will be greeted by our gorgeous ladies…your fantasy vacation begins. You will receive your own personal cell phone that will keep you in contact with our staff, your guide, our medical personnel and your selected companions. Our ladies and guides are available to escort you to the major attractions of the city and/or to accompany you on  tours, excursions, dancing, clubbing and dining, etc.

We provide only the finest accommodations in safe and centralized areas and if desired, we can provide stunning villas and completely furnished and equipped private homes where you and your selected ladies can truly enjoy the ultimate sexual privacy. Our stunning arrays of attractive, sensual women, selectively picked from the most exotic regions of the world, are given bi-monthly checkups, as safety is everyone’s concern.

These beautiful girls, who are between 18 and 26 years of age, exhibit only the finest qualities that we feel our clients have come to appreciate in the past.

This initial private gathering gives you the opportunity to become very well acquainted with all of our lovely ladies who eagerly await to be the ones chosen to accompany you on your Reality Escape. 

Global Fantasies... where men and women can live their fantasies!

*We do not need your exact dates when booking or becoming a Member*

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"View a few of our Luxury Rio Accommodations"

What do most of our guests enjoy the most?

...The simple answer is having sex anytime and anywhere with our beautiful women.

"Mystic adventure, culture and non stop festivities"

*In all of our locations we can also arrange for you to meet many stunning ladies looking for long term relations and even marriage. Our global attorneys can help obtain Visas for your selected lady*

Ask us about our Rio Fantasy Night Packages.

For those not requiring lodging we also offer our Rio Fantasy Nights packages. Once booked and paid we will email you our Rio agents cell numbers to introduce you to several very sexy ladies. He will also be your personal driver for tours, dining and hot nightlife activities of clubbing and dancing, etc. Your selected companion will stay with you or come and go as you wish. These specially selected ladies are sexually catering, stylish, beautiful and provide a true girlfriend experience. Dining and drinks are optional.


We have doubled our number of global ladies, added new staff and even more discounts!

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Explore The City

Rio is a lush retreat of unsurpassed enchantment and breathtaking beaches, beautiful and friendly people, an endless array of side-walk cafes, fine restaurants, centuries old culture and phenomenal architecture. Select one of our full service luxury condos and accompany your girls for a little grocery shopping and to stock up on an assortment of preferred beverages, wine, bourbons, beer and more. Our girls are very comfortable in the kitchen and besides pleasing you physically they will prepare local and international cuisine as your personal chef. Our ladies are educated and bi-lingual and you will enjoy their company. They are strong, but gracious and after great sex there is nothing better than warm conversation and a muscle relaxing full body massage. Your selected ladies will be your ultimate girlfriends. With champagne flowing and a variety of exquisite meals prepared, it just doesn't get any better than this.

We can book excursions including jungles tours to world's largest waterfalls Iguaçu.

We can arrange deep sea fishing, diving, guided jungle and city tours, yachting, sailing endless nightlife, festivals, culture and scenic getaways and much more.

 Personal Companions

We have the most beautiful ladies in the world including models and super models.

Once chosen,
your fantasy girl(s) will serve as the perfect compliment to what promises to be an unforgettable adventurous vacation of the close kind!

Whatever your background, we think you'll agree that there comes a time in life when one should reap the benefits of hard work and sacrifice, when one should take time to enjoy the pleasures so richly deserved. On our vacations our clients are King, no work - no worry, just pure mental & physical pleasure.

Imagine the fun and excitement of being accompanied by beautiful girls in an exotic and tropical environment. Traveling alone doesn't necessarily mean being alone anymore. Lying around the pool in the shade of a coconut tree, or strolling down the beach with a full moon highlighting your mood as you hold your beautiful lady close. Travel back to your private villa or house and relax as your smiling companion brings you your favorite drink while you let your mind wander.

Should you have any energy left after your sensual encounters, we offer extensive tours, long or short excursions, golf, scuba diving, big game fishing, water skiing, windsurfing and horse back riding. We can also provide half and full day power or sailing boat excursions. Any/all of our tours, etc. can be accompanied by your ladies and/or one of our knowledgeable guides.

"Rio is more than warm, inviting and's exciting"


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In protecting the integrity of our business & our guests, fares & specifics will be promptly emailed.

"View a few of our Luxury Rio Accommodations"

A Typical Day

A typical day in paradise starts with an early morning dip in our large pools followed by your favorite beverages and a great breakfast. Our girls are great cooks. It’s your vacation and how you spend your time is always your choice. With the sun now rising quickly in full view you consider your options and chuckle to yourself thinking briefly of the guys back home, wishing they could be here to see you now. Relieved for once that it is not you rolling into work on this beautiful morning or the one shoveling the snow off your drive in winter.

Just relax and enjoy as your fantasy girls pamper and cater to your desires. She adheres to your personal wishes and will enjoy doing whatever you have in mind. After all…it’s her vacation too. She will be pleased and eager to show you the city, join you on your excursions and dance in your arms as you burn away the nights at the countless lounges and dance halls. You may also change your companion/s everyday if desired…again…it’s your choice.

Our girls are very sexual, tight bodied, festive and are waiting to spend quality time with you, so fill out the form, complete with your contact phone number, and begin your adventure.

As always, your privacy and discretion is assured.

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Sending a “Wish you were Here” post card to your friends will have a whole new meaning, being totally relieved that for once it’s not you rolling into work on this beautiful morning.

Global Fantasies... where men and women can savor their desires!

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View a few of our Luxury Rio Accommodations

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Due to the nature of our business a deposit will be required at the time of booking. Please note that there are no refunds, but received funds may be used for our Global Fantasies Vacations and services with an advance notice of all changes.

Disclaimer; We do not condone any illegal activities and sexual encounters are between consenting adults.

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