Global Fantasies Investment Returns



Hello and thank you for your interest in investing with our global company.

Global Fantasies and Universal Fantasies were founded by Travelers Digest, which was founded in 1941. Global Fantasy Vacations was created in 2000 and Universal Fantasies in 2006. We have 16 global locations and provide adult vacations for men and women, as well as for group festivities, such as bachelor parties, etc.

Travelers Digest, Global Fantasy and Universal Vacations are top ranking international travel companies with over 2,450,000 google postings.

We are limiting the investment opportunity to qualified investors.

You may visit our founding company's website at; Travelers Digest & Associated Companies are Registered Trademarks.

As an investor your personal information will be kept entirely private and will not be shared with anyone.

You will be investing in Global Fantasies and not in Travelers Digest. The minimum investment is $100,000 USD. We are, however, open for negotiation. As an investor you will receive a return of 13% per year, as well as personal invites to special events, priority of vacation dates and full use of our services and companions in any of our global locations. You will retain the option of converting you Investment dollars into available erotic services, at anytime.

Your investment funds will be used for various business projects, such as procuring additional pool villas in S. Thailand for our guests, and/or other purchases, as well as hiring additional ladies and staff. As an investor we will, if requested, place your name, as well as ours, on the contract to purchase, or title of any newly purchased properties, etc.

Investors will have the option of being an active participant in our operations or as a silent partner. In addition you will have future opportunities to invest in further expanding our operations. We are readily seeking new global locations and are expanding our services in Europe, Costa Rica and the Philippines, etc.


As you are probably aware, the global economy is rapidly expanding in Asia, such as in China and India, and as such we are now in preparations of expanding our advertising to cater to the new markets.

I would appreciate the opportunity to chat with you and ask that you call me or email me your cell number. We can then discuss the investment amounts and details, as well as other options.

Our investment chart is posted below.

You may call any of the posted numbers, which will be immediately forwarded to me.

Regards, Michael Smith

Global Fantasy Vacations
LA. CA. USA. +1-323-319-6207
Sydney AU. +61-02-800-33566
Hong Kong +852-819-77227
London England +44-208-123-8018
(24 hour phone and email services)

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Your original investment of $100,000.00 plus your annual investments, if any, could be worth $233,681.37 in only 10 years. This assumes an annual rate of return of 13.0% and that any annual investments happens at the beginning of the year. All values are shown before inflation is taken into account.
Example Input Summary
Years 10
Rate of return 13.0%
Initial investment $100,000.00+
Annual investments $0.00 (optional)
Inflation rate 3.00%
Tax rate n/a
Show actual values? yes
Adjust annual investment for inflation? no
Show all values after inflation? no
Results Summary
Compounded interest return $14,056.37
Simple interest return $144,625.00
Total invested capital $100,000.00
Investment final total $233,681.37
Investment Balance by Year



Net Return

0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $100,000.00
1 $0.00 $787.50 $5,800.50 $79,462.50
2 $0.00 $834.36 $6,028.02 $84,190.52
3 $0.00 $884.00 $6,809.34 $89,199.85
4 $0.00 $936.60 $7,307.39 $94,507.25
5 $0.00 $992.33 $7,623.18 $100,130.43
6 $0.00 $1,051.37 $8,957.76 $106,088.19
7 $0.00 $1,113.93 $10,012.25 $112,400.43
8 $0.00 $1,180.20 $10,687.83 $119,088.26
9 $0.00 $1,250.43 $11,085.75 $126,174.01
10 $0.00 $1,324.83 $11,507.35 $233,681.37

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