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 Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I have to change my scheduled dates?
Our American owned and operated company is the worlds leading provider of erotic, sex and escorted vacations. We have been in business for many years and book several thousand clients a year in our 15 international locations. Once booked, any/all paid vacation fees can be used at any of our locations at any time. There are no penalties for necessary changes to your arrival dates, as long as you notify us with a minimum 21 day advance notice. Booking early secures your selections, fares and desired dates, but does not obligate you to specific dates, as you will have a fairly open itinerary. Book now…pay now and come anytime…this month, this year or next year. There are no time limits! Be assured, we will always do our best to accommodate your desired dates.

 Is this for real/legal and secure?
Absolutely, as we operate under liberal European laws and are not subject to American restrictions. We do, however, operate under international law in regard to our companions, as all of our girls are at least 18 years of age. We also do not allow any illegal drugs or activities, including the bringing of firearms, weapons of any sort and/or other dangerous elements. Disrespectful or belligerent guests will be escorted off the property and driven to a local hotel.

 When's a good time to visit?
Being located in the Caribbean, most anytime of the year is good. We enjoy 320 sunny days a year and have a mild rainy season. When it does rain, it’s usually only for a few minutes and then the sun reappears. We do suggest booking as far in advance as possible, we suggest 3 months, but as that we do have numerous 4 and 5 star beach resorts, as well as several villas, we can most assuredly accommodate your desired dates. We often run specials and to take advantage of any/all discounts an early booking is required. If you have limited time and would like to come right away, just let us know your interested dates and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our week-end & holiday packages often fill up first, so book early. Weekdays are usually less crowded. We do limit our number of individual guests in maintaining a relaxed atmosphere, but can accommodate larger groups for special occasions, such as bachelor parties, in our beach resorts and executive villas.

 What's the atmosphere like at the resort?
We are diligent in maintaining a festive atmosphere with bands, beach & pool parties, cook outs and water sports, tours, etc. Your safety and privacy are assured, as we screen every guest and maintain resort security. Our staff and our girls are tentative, but easy going and will make sure your vacation is relaxing and fulfilling. While we do provide many activities, it's your vacation and how you spend your time is entirely up to you.

 When receiving phone calls is the resort discreet?
Most assuredly. We have a telephone answering system and all calls are taped and any message is then promptly delivered directly to the specific guest. You can bring your own cell phone, as many providers do provide coverage on the island. We also have a business center where you can use the phone if desired or you can rent a cell phone at the resort.

 What is the weather like most of the year?
Being in the Caribbean we have excellent weather all year long. It’s never too hot and never too cool. We receive a nice ocean breeze that keeps the temperature moderate.

 How do I make a reservation?
Pricing & Booking Information. As that we do screen every client, you would need to fill out our on-line form, complete with full name, contact ph. number and desired vacation details. We will then be in contact usually within 24 hours. As well as emailing you details and fares, the owner and/or one of our staff may call you to answer any of you questions and/or to provide you with available dates, additional  services or to arrange your booking.

 How do I get from the airport to the resort?
Upon your scheduled arrival our concierge or other staff will meet you in the lounge of the airport and clear you through customs. You will then be driven to the resort.

 Is early booking suggested or required?
Yes, as we are often completely booked, we suggest booking as far in advance as possible, usually at least 2 months. We will, however, do our best to accommodate your dates, regardless. Groups and/or bachelor parties are required to book as far in advance as possible, but again, we will do our best to accommodate you. Unlike other erotic vacation providers we have several villas, as well as several luxury beach resorts and therefore can most likely accommodate your desired dates.

 Is airfare included?
No. We can assist you in locating the best routes, schedules and fares, but you would be totally responsible for securing your flights. You would fly into Puerto Plata, POP (airport code) or into the capital Santa Dominica. Flying in from most anywhere in the States, there are daily flights from Miami, Newark, NJ and New York. AA Airlines is the main island carrier and you can view the flights and fares at: Please check with your travel agent. International flights also arrive daily. Check with your local travel agent for details.

 What accommodations & amenities are available?
Accommodations are all quite comfortable and luxurious and are dependent on package selected. Our guests may choose a luxury suite in our private beach villa or a 1st class suite in any of our all inclusive beach resorts. In our main villa we accommodate no more than 6 guests. Each will have a private suite with full bathroom. Our VIP guests will have a larger and more private suite with a personal 2 person Jacuzzi. VIP guests will also receive 2 companions for any one night, imported beverages, tours and full use of the resorts amenities. Our new Premium Executive Package is designed for those desiring the very best of everything. It includes a private beachfront villa, 2 companions each and every day/night and in-villa catering, private pool and is only feet from the beach. Our resort villas are equipped with large suites, private bathrooms, satellite TV/VCR, Internet, Jacuzzis, pools, etc. and all of the suites are fully air-conditioned. For groups and/or for special occasions we can provide a private beach front villa. We have pools, a tennis court, spa, massage parlor, gym, and business center. We provide 4 wheelers, jet skis, snorkeling gear, horse back riding and cook-outs on the beach with live music & dancing. Our VIP and Premium packages include a 30 minute helicopter tour, which is normally $800. We also offer excellent reef diving, deep sea fishing, boat tours, car & driver, tours to the local towns, shopping excursions and escorted visits to the Casino, where gaming, dancing and fine eateries are available. A game or an entire day at the islands 4 star Golf course is also available. Additional fees may apply.

 Resort Guests; In our luxurious all inclusive beach resorts we can accommodate up to 40 guests, each with a private suite, all beverages and dining, as well as a daily/nightly selection of companions.

 Is sexual contact with the selected companions assured?
Absolutely. Our girls are personable, festival, as well as beautiful and sexually catering. As that our resorts and beaches are private, you may enjoy the best of your companion in your suites or on the beach. We just ask that you be discreet. Your companion/s are available to escort you for any/all occasions, tours, golf, dancing and water activities, etc.

 Are there any extra charges and is tipping required or expected?
Our staff and especially our girls are very well paid and any/all tipping is left entirely up to your discretion. Unlike other resorts, we have no hidden charges and/all additional fees for inclusive activities, etc. which are clearly detailed in our informative reply letter. You may also select any/all of our available off resort activities and/or excursions and will know exactly what you are paying before booking.  Many of the available tours, excursions, etc. are included in your VIP and Premium packages.

Everything at the resort is included, airport transportation, suites, dining, unlimited beverages, resort activities, a car and driver and your choice of companion/s.

 Is safe sex required and are the girls tested?
Our gorgeous, refined and classy ladies are mostly college educated with a modeling or acting background and take excellent care of their health. Oral sex is allowed without protection, but condoms are required for most other sexual activities. Our ladies are screened and frequently tested for any/all health issues, even a simple cold with keep them separated from the guests.

 How many and what nationality of  girls are available at anyone time?
We have in excess of 100 ladies at anyone time and have access to more if and when needed. As that we limit the number of guests there are always plenty of ladies. We travel the globe hiring only the finest girls for our resorts. They must be modest, affectionate, no drug usage and must meet our high standards for refinement, sexuality, class and personality. We have local ladies, E. European girls from Russia and the Ukraine, girls from Argentina, Brazil and elsewhere..

 Are special packages available for private groups?
Yes. we can and will provide special catering, personal and private villas, in-house dining/beverages, tours and parties for you and your group. We’ll even bake you a cake upon request. All groups will receive boxes of genuine Cuban cigars,  bottles of fine imported wine, extra tours, limo services and more.

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 Can I select my companions prior to arrival?
Sorry, but as this would create difficulties for our other guests if you should change your selection upon arrival, so we do not allow it. However, if you become a member and book one of our Premium vacations, you will be able to choose your companion/s first at our beach welcoming party. Each guest can also change their companions each and everyday, if desired. You may also change with another willing guests or join together for some wild sexual fantasies.

 How does the selection process work?
Once arriving at our resort you will have ample time to relax, have a drink and mingle with our ladies before making your choices. Our VIP and Premium booked guests will have first choice, but not to worry, we have plenty of girls for everyone!

 Which girls will be available during my visit?
As that we have 15 international locations with over 800 beautiful ladies, we retain and maintain a wide variety of ladies in each of our locations. We also rotate our ladies to provide a wider variety, but can assure you that all of our ladies are beautiful and very sensual. We also hire new girls weekly.

 What are the girls like & what services will they provide?
Our stunning ladies are fun, spontaneous, caring and well educated, some speaking several languages. They are relaxed and attentive, providing you with a personal girl-friend experience. They are not brash, loud or demanding and of course, they are all very sensual and love to please their partner. Our girls will do whatever you ask for the most part and whatever is agreed is fine, but we will not allow any form of abuse or forced activity. Our location, staff and girls provide the ultimate romantic and sexual getaway with no mandatory activities or schedules. Your companions, as well as being your lovers, are available for dancing, nights on the town, trips to the casino, tours and all other activities. At our resorts no one wakes you or intrudes on your vacation. Our staff is always available to serve your requests and needs, but we know that it’s your vacation and what you do and when you do it…is entirely up to you

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 If I want to change girls is there any extra fee?
No! We want you to be pleased with your choices. You may change your companion/s once everyday, if desired or you may keep them, it’s always your choice! If you find that you and your companion aren’t clicking on the first day, you may change her by simply informing any of our staff. 

 After arrival may I participate in any non-pre-booked excursions?
Yes. All you would need to do is to inform our on-site manager and pay the fee for the particular service, excursion, etc. There are no mark ups.

 What if any additional fees/charges would be involved?
During your stay at the villa or in one of our resorts everything is included, suites, companions, resort activities and all meals, as well as unlimited beverages for you and your companion/s. Should you decide to take the girls off the resort for dinner, to the casino, shopping excursions, etc. those expenditures would not be included. There is also a $20 departure tax that must be paid at the airport before boarding an International flight. Our vacation fares do not include any/all flights.

 Are Passports, & Visas required?
As a US, European or Canadian citizen you do not require visa, but you will require a passport. Requirements for other countries will vary and we suggest checking with your local travel agent. Travel insurance is always a wise investment. The USA will soon be implementing a requirement for passports, so check with a travel agent before booking your flight.

 Is internet available at your resort?
We have WiFi Internet connection throughout our resorts and at the Executive villa and at the business center. You may bring your laptop or use one of our computers.

 Where exactly are you located?
We provide luxury resorts around the island and depending on where you wish to vacation, you may fly into either Santa Dominica or on the north-east section of the island into Puerto Plata, airport code POP.

We also provide a privately owned and operated villa resort located about 30 minutes from the Puerto Plata (POP) airport in the Caribbean Isle of Dominican Republic, only 75 minutes from Miami. Located in a small bay our very private beach provides calm and wave free enjoyment.. The water is a perfect aqua-blue and superb for snorkeling, swimming or just relaxing. Most major US carriers have direct daily flights from Miami, New Jersey and New York City. Check with your travel agent for flight information. European flights operate daily, as well.

 Will my cell phone work in the islands?
DR is fairly covered with towers and most service providers do provide coverage, but check with your server for verification. You can also rent a cell phone at the resort or use our business center.

 How do I pay for the vacation?
We are an international company and in complying with laws and regulations governing erotic businesses and in protecting our guests privacy we do not accept credit cards for vacation payments. We only accept direct bank wire transfers or cash counter deposits in any branch of HSBC. Your bank can debit your credit card for the wire or deposit, if requested. Any/all transactions are private & very discreet and will be posted only as a vacation with no mention of specific services. All funds are paid directly to our company’s banks.

 How do I book and what are the details? (Pricing & Booking Information)
Click on the booking form, fill it out, complete with your direct phone number/s, and submit it. The owner or one of our management staff will then be back in touch, usually within 24 hours, with an informative email listing your selected vacation details and fares. You may also call us on one of our global numbers in relation to your location. You may also request to receive a direct phone call from one of our reps. to answer any questions or to make your reservation. Discretion is assured! Once booked and all fees have been received you may schedule your arrival with only a 21 day advance notice. Booking in advance provides you will a completely open itinerary and assures your vacation details & fares. It does not necessarily obligate you to any particular dates just in case you must make changes. Unlike other companies, there are no penalties for necessary changes or rescheduling, as long as you provide us with a minimum 21 day notice. Your vacation fares can even be used at any of our 15 international vacation locations. There are no time limits to when you may enjoy your vacation once paid. Next month or next year, it’s your choice.

Your vacation is assured by the world's leading provider of erotic vacations.

Step 1: On the form, please try to provide specific dates, if possible, and if not, provide the approximate dates desired. If not sure, then just post, anytime! Please secure the fares and tentative dates with a $2000 USD deposit. Then when you are ready, recheck with us on whether the dates you are considering are still available. Once we confirm your dates you will need to make your prompt payment and provide us with your flight details as soon as they are secured. Full fees are required 45 days in advance of all arrivals, unless previously agreed otherwise. Click Here for Pricing & Booking Information.

* In order to reserve your dates, prices and details we require full payment on the selected package at the time of booking if within a 45 day time period. Membership and/or a $2000 dollar minimum deposit will secure the posted fares at the time of payment or Membership. Members receive a completely open itinerary for scheduling their vacations, as well as first selection of ladies and suites.

Step 2: Group bookings; If booking groups of 3 or more persons or for special parties, please book within 90 days of your intended arrival. To receive special discounted fares, full payment is required. Once the wire transfer has been received, usually within 48 hours, you will receive a prompt phone or emailed verification. If group bookings of an intended arrival date beyond 90 days, a 50% deposit is required and balance within 60 days of intended arrival. Once booked and paid we only require a  minimum of a 21 day advance notice to secure your vacation. You will be greeted in the airport lounge upon your scheduled arrival and your fantasy vacation will begin!

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Global Fantasies thanks you for your inquiry and looks forward in providing you with an all inclusive erotic vacation in our Island Paradise.

Disclaimer: Our company does not condone any illegal activity or underage sex of any kind. Due to the nature of our business there are no refunds for any reasons whatsoever, but paid monies can be used for any provided and/or available vacation at a future date.

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