The Real Belize.

Going to Belize and especially buying property is a hazard to both your money and safety!

We do not offer any services in Belize due to it's extreme violence, gangs, drugs, corrupt police and officials.

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Did you know that authorities in Belize can seize your property, bank deposits and even Passports without just cause at anytime.

The local citizen's wages are so low they are forced into crime and a life of using and selling drugs to feed their families.

Belize is nothing more than an old British colony providing little or no rights for the locals. The citizens are cheated out of decent wages and forced to pay exorbitant prices for phone, internet, cable services, rent and groceries. The country's literacy rate is one of the lowest in the region and their educational and medical systems are almost non existent. Belize food marts, pharmacies, gas stations, hotels and resorts are mostly owned and operated by foreigners with little concern for the locals. A few centuries past the region was run by cut throat seems little has changed.

Watch the below posted videos and learn the truth about this corrupt and violent country.

Violent Video Link

Link  to Gangs Video

Link to Gang Murder in Gas Station

Link to Drive by Murders Video

Link to video of Mass Murder in Belize

Female US Journalist found murdered in Belize; Woman Journalist Murdered in Belize

Couple found murdered in May, 2017 in Belize; Couple found murdered in Belize

We highly warn anyone considering on visiting or buying property in could cost you more than just your valuables!

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